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We’re building a world-first compiler, operating sytem and biological programming language. We’re doing it in support of biologists working in complex labs, helping them do more of what they do best.

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Get to Work on One of the Most Important Challenges in the Life Sciences

Our platform does the heavy lifting that scientists need to vastly improve the way they work in their labs. It turns ranks of isolated equipment, software and people into intelligent systems that do science faster, cheaper and more effectively than ever before.

On one level, it means we’re working on one of the biggest, most difficult challenges facing the life sciences today. On another, it means making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of people all around the world. Think rapid drug discovery, better research, more breakthroughs and faster test results sent back to patients.

None of it could happen without remarkable people.
A smiling scientist wearing headphones creates a visual protocol at her desk next to a piece of lab equipment
Building for Biologists

The science our customers use is complex, delicate and sensitive. That’s why we have to write and deliver the highest quality software we possibly can.

Our codebase is mostly functional Scala with TypeScript for the front-end. We don’t require that you already know Scala, but you will need to become proficient in it. You can expect to learn from, and teach, world class engineers.

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Helping Our Customers
Business Development

You’ll spend your time working with the world’s best biologists, backed up by a second-to-none tech team. Wherever you might spot a customer need, we’ll quickly adapt or build tools that fit the bill.

You won’t need to be a biologist or know your way around code, but an insatiable curiosity, sense of initiative and willingness to get stuck in are all essential.

One Radix team member posing next to a bioreactor, another working on and in an Opentrons liquid handler robot
Who You’ll Be Working With

We’re an excellent bunch of nerds working on some seriously difficult problems, and we’re having a blast doing it. It all started with the age old question of ‘Er, why can’t we do that yet?’ A couple years later and we’re still hard at work on making ‘that’ a reality.

We’re open, warm, friendly and, when we’re not focused on code, we’re working with our customers to develop the tools that help them do their best work.

Come One, Come All

If you work for us, you won't be the only woman, trans person, POC, latino/a/x, non-US citizen, wearer of silly hats, or cockatiel! We’re an LGBTQ+, polyamory, kink, and most other things supporting employer. We consider remote candidates, and those who need visa sponsorship, on a case-by-case basis.

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What You Get
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Business Development Roles

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