Could Your Lab Do More for You?

What if you could design, schedule, run and analyze your work faster and more effectively than ever before? From R&D to clinical manufacturing, our platform works with your equipment, software and people—wherever they are.

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Radix is an operating system for your lab. It weaves people, equipment and software together into a fabric where fast, effective collaboration becomes a reality.

Achieve End to End Automation

Drag and drop to build protocols in your browser with your colleagues, then automate them without delay. Our platform translates your protocols into instructions for equipment and technicians, giving you space to think, accelerate your progress, and focus on the next milestone.

Connect all hardware and software together
Build schedules to run your whole lab
Deploy in labs of any size or location
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Discover Reliable Reproducibility

We’ve built a standardized way to describe and record biology protocols. With solid data integrity, you can reproduce your work again and again and again... no matter where you are. Simply design what you want, click "GO", then watch your equipment come to life exactly how you want it to, recording all data output by default.

Standardize protocol design and delivery
Translate protocols across all your equipment and labs
Generate reliable results in less time
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Plan and Run Rapid, Low-Latency Schedules

Machine reservations are a thing of the past. Our software calculates fast schedules based on your preferences, then runs them for you. Prioritize makespan reduction, throughput, machine utilization or operating cost. Errors and unexpected events get handled dynamically, notifying you if you need to step in.

Front-load non time-sensitive tasks
Run protocols in parallel wherever possible
Predict & model resource optimizations
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Two biologists in lab coats build a protocol together, instructing a large bioreactor to spin

Realize Total Hardware Independence

So your liquid handlers, mass spectrometers, HPLCs and bioreactors all come from different companies? No problem—they’re all on the same team now. Dialect Device Directors link everything together for you, no matter who made what. No more awkward automation; it’s smooth sailing from here.

Connect hardware from all manufacturers
Automatically identify protocol overlap
Increase capacity and efficiency
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Support High Volume Data Analysis

Mass spectrometry and  genomics workflows produce a lot of data—our platform helps you handle high volume data analysis effectively. Because our system records every event, you can automatically write data to your ELN, conduct root cause analysis and sift the signal from the noise.

Record all protocol data, live, at the source
Conduct root cause analysis
Reduce manual data handling and errors
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The Radix Platform
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