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Media Kit

Official artwork and logos for Radix Labs spot illustrations and designs.

Logos & Artwork

Our current brand assets including the Radix logo and logos for the different products within the Radix platform.

Radix labs visual protocol builder for no-code pipeline automation design.

Product Information Packs

Your go-to resource for visually explaining our mission and what we do, and brand colours - including our favourite shade of blue.

Our Background

In a Sentence

Radix was founded in 2017 to create software that helps biologists do faster, better and more effective work in the complex modern laboratories of today.

In a Paragraph

Radix was founded in 2017 to tackle one of the biggest problems facing modern biology today: how to make laboratories fulfil their true potential so that scientists can do their best work. Their platform does the heavy lifting to turn ranks of isolated equipment, software and people into intelligent systems that do science faster, cheaper and more effectively than ever before. Think faster drug discovery, better research and more breakthroughs—all at a lower cost.

Founded: November 2017
Located: Cambridge, MA
CEO: Dhasharath Shrivathsa


Radix is proud to be supported by a group of incredible supporters and investors.

Brand Guidelines

Please Do :)
  • Use our brand marks or artwork to refer to us in print and digital material, or publications about Radix

  • Feel free to use the copy from this page and our product information documents in print and digital material or publications about Radix

  • Pronounce the name of our company as “Rah-dix” (with an ‘ah as in apple’)

Definitely Don't :(
  • Use our brand marks or artwork in any way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by Radix

  • Modify or alter our brand marks or artwork for any reason

  • Incorporate our brand marks or artwork into your trademarks, domain names, logos, or similar content

  • Assert rights over the Radix brand or brand marks or artwork, whether by domain name registration, trademark registration, or anything else.

  • Pronounce the name of our company as “Ray-dix” (with an ‘ay as in hey’)