How the radix platform works

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"Where were you four years ago during my PhD? You could have saved me two years of my life!
Ally Yost, Associate at The Engine & Former Microfluidics PhD Candidate

Easel Protocol Builder

Easel is a standardized way to describe and share your protocols with others and deploy them in any lab. It greatly accelerates the speed of design and, because our platform translates it all into code, allows you to get your protocols up and running in no time.

Slipstream Lab Scheduler

Transform your protocols into sophisticated, low latency schedules in seconds, even for thousands of tasks. Set your main priorities—speed, throughput, cost—then have the schedule run in your lab, dynamically responding to events as they occur.

Dialect Device Directors

Connect to every machine you run, automate without code and integrate into every other part of your lab as part of the Radix platform. Run schedules on, and pull data from, every piece of equipment regardless of the logo on the side.

Rainbow Lab Database

Rainbow is a single source of truth that completely transforms your understanding of your lab. It records accurate historical data that allows you to review every single event that happens and keep track of the locations and history of individual items.

Weaver Lab Compiler

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Weaver is a just-in-time compiler built specifically for biology labs. It works behind the scenes with every single part of the Radix platform, quietly weaving together every part of your lab into a seamless operation. You won’t see it or interact with it on a day-to-day basis, but it's the brains of the platform making it worth more than the sum of its parts.

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