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Four biologists lean over a table, smiling and working on creating a visual biology protocol, while studying other material

The Radix platform weaves your whole lab together to bring everything onto the same page to support complex, high throughput work. Seamless connectivity, solid data integrity and smart scheduling let you discover new possibilities.

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End-to-End Lab Integration

A biologist in a spotlight uses a conductor's baton to orchestrate a symphony of DNA, protocols and schedules in her lab

Our Platform

Our platform links all the hardware, software and people working together in your lab. It connects to equipment no matter who made it and integrates both off-the-shelf and custom software. Weaver, our lab compiler, works behind the scenes to translate your protocols into code for each machine to execute on cue through our Dialect Device Directors.

Your Lab

Conduct the orchestra of your lab without writing any code. Build your protocols with our drag and drop visual protocol builder, send them through the scheduler to find the right schedule, then run them on your equipment completely linked together by our device directors. Suddenly, the left hand of your lab will know what the right hand is doing.

Translates protocols into code that works with your equipment
Eliminates manual data handling through data flow integration
Works regardless of equipment brand or software you use
Automate protocols across machines from different vendors
Reduce manual data processing and error
Spend more time ‘hands off’ away from equipment

Reliable Reproducibility

A biologist kneeling next to two bell jars copies lab data from one across to another where it becomes a protocol

Our Platform

Our platform supports and improves reproducibility throughout your entire operation. We’ve created a standardised language for expressing biology protocols and a way of accurately recording lab events. This way, your protocols become unambiguous and standardised, making it much easier to scale, reproduce and deliver reliable results in one lab or many.

Your Lab

Expect reproducibility by default. Automate assays, improve reliability, grow to scale or duplicate to other locations. Build visual protocols that use real, accurate data then duplicate those protocols wherever you need them, again and again and again. Go from design to development to delivery faster than you ever thought possible.

Removes guesswork and derisks institutional dependency
Supports standardized protocol creation and execution
Delivers accurate scheduling and data analysis
Reduce variance and unexpected results in your lab
Scale your work from bench to beyond
Record and transfer protocols across labs and locations

Dynamic Scheduling

Against the backdrop of a schedule with a timeline, a biologist leads and points forward while another runs to catch up

Our Platform

Our Slipstream Lab Scheduler runs an algorithm that performs thousands of calculations in search of the best case schedule. It front-loads parallel tasks and balances workloads across multiple machines and protocols by default. If an error occurs during the run, the scheduler will dynamically re-schedule to address the issue and notify you if you need to step in.

Your Lab

Calculate and create new schedules in seconds, not days. Use the built-in decision support tool to determine what matters most to you, then schedule on that basis. It could be shorter makespan time, increased throughput, higher utilization or lower running costs. Model for how your schedule might look if you were to add or remove equipment or resources.

Reacts to and handles unexpected events dynamically
Runs front-loaded and parallel tasks to reduce makespan time
Helps identify opportunities for resource optimization
Reduce makespans and increase utilization
Lower operating costs and capital costs
Schedule tasks to maximize constraint throughput

Hardware Independence

A browser window, with a protocol drawn on it, sits in the middle with lines drawn to a variety of different lab equipment

Our Platform

Dialect Device Directors connect to all the equipment and software in your lab to make everything work in unison. Machines made by different vendors will be able to interact and work on the same protocols together, or work on different protocols at the same time. Everything is linked together by Dialect, then translated by Weaver to make your equipment work as expected.

Your Lab

Work with your lab as one cohesive system. You’ll be able to run protocols across multiple machines made by different manufacturers. This allows you to increase overall capacity, support substitutability and decrease capital costs. Our Weaver Lab Compiler and Dialect Device Directors allow everything to work together on the same team.

Allows protocols to run seamlessly across all equipment
Integrates both off-the-shelf and custom lab software
Installs with little to no operational disruption
Load-balance tasks across multiple machines
Reduce dependence on custom code for automation
Increase flexibility in how your lab can operate

Accurate Historical Data

A database coloured like a rainbow sits on the right with data and lab information feeding into it from the previous months

Our Platform

Our Rainbow Database records everything that takes place in your lab as it happens. With your equipment connected by our Dialect Device Directors, you can now flow your data wherever you need it, reducing manual data entry and error. You’ll also be able to trace exactly where everything has been and when. If it’s connected to the Radix system, Rainbow knows about it.

Your Lab

Use your data the way you’ve always wanted to. With our system connecting your entire lab, it can help you get more from the data you create, even while your protocols are running. Do root cause analysis, reduce the chance of human error and combine all your data in a common location to drive continuous improvement throughout your lab.

Produces useful, usable data you can use immediately
Reduces data entry error in the lab with automatic ELN population
Supports automated reporting and auditing
Reveal granular data for everything taking place in your lab
Make decisions with accurate real-time data
Enable real-time continuous improvement
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